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Carlie Ann Davidson only has $167.29 in the bank. She’s 10 years late on college and 37 lbs. over the ideal weight chart. When she’s not in her college classes, she’s stocking shelves at the Dollar General Store in Commerce, Georgia, and wondering why SO many people eat pork n beans. But Carlie has dreams, dreams of love and literary success. With the humorous and engaging backdrop of small town characters and culture, Carlie realizes she’s not a loser at all. Just a late bloomer. The good news? Sometimes there are rewards for late bloomers.


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Clara Louise Johnson is 32, single, and lonely. The problem? She just got a cat. According to her best friend, Carlie, when a shy lonely woman gets a cat, the universe begins to work against her in so many troubling ways. First, it’s the cat hair on the furniture and then it’s the wanting to get a cat friend for the current cat. Clara could soon own twenty cats and be operating a failed recycling business out of her backyard. So newlyweds, Doug and Carlie, intervene. What happens when a rural-dwelling famous writer becomes a full-time matchmaker? Clara embarks on a humorous and painful journey toward hope.

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Ashley Harrison is a movie star. But she’s not your typical diva. Even though she’s nominated for an Academy Award, she passes on the designer dress and wears a $276 dress straight from the rack of her Aunt Millie’s discount bridal shop in Birmingham. When entertainment magazines get word of Ashley’s unconventional ways, they react as though Mars has exploded and contaminated all of North Dakota.

Can Ashley’s best friends, Doug and Carlie, help her manage stardom while maintaining small town roots? Can Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Bart attend an Oscar party without their pet raccoon? Can a young widower find the courage to keep going? To love again?

Doug and Carlie: Matchmakers on a Mission (Book #3 in the Doug and Carlie Series) returns to Sharon, Tennessee, where beloved small-town characters once again rally to bring laughter and hope to their little corner of the world…and beyond.

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“Every social event is an opportunity for education, that’s what I always say. The Friday night fish fry at Dave and Ashley’s was no exception. By the end of the evening, here’s what I’d learned: Sarah Simpson got her front tooth fixed and wore new capri pants, which makes me think she’s ready for my matchmaking services. Tom Hanks plays Ashley’s wealthy uncle in the upcoming movie. Aunt Charlotte is now mourning the death of a calf she wasn’t supposed to have in the city limits anyway. Cora Belle Mathis pretends to believe in reincarnation even though she’s a Baptist. And Matthew Prescott? He has a sister named Mary. The rest of his life is a complete mystery.” -Carlie Jameson, “Doug and Carlie: Lessons in Love”


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I don’t brush my teeth at night. Sometimes I yell. I can’t reconcile the checkbook. Before company comes, I run through the house putting piles of stuff in garbage bags which will be “stored” in the guest bathtub until the company leaves.

Life. It’s not perfect. Those of us who participate in life aren’t perfect either. Far from it. Sometimes it’s wildly funny. Other times it leads us down paths of difficult discovery. I hope this compilation of weekly newspaper columns is a fun and enjoyable celebration of LIFE with all its ups and downs.


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I’ve never met Oprah. I’ve never been on TV. I’m not famous. In fact, I once met a man on a plane who tried to convince me that he was famous and it was like watching a second grader run through the playground yelling, “My dad can beat up your dad!” The experience with the pseudo-famous man made me realize that it’s a waste of time to pretend to be famous with such gusto. I offer no pretense in that regard. I never want the people sitting next to me on a plane to wish they were sitting next to a rude teenager with a stomach virus. I hope this book entertains you with as little irritation as possible.

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