Are You Eating Dinosaurs?

man eating meat

One day I posted something on Facebook about my renewed desire to drop a few pounds. Oh my word. The response made me think I had embarked on a mission to cure cancer.

Food advice came pouring through the computer screen with religious zeal. I didn’t even understand some of the questions: “Lisa, are you eating ‘paleo’ now?” Uh, am I eating what? Am I eating dinosaurs? No. I’m not eating dinosaurs. Or unicorns. I’m still eating regular food and an occasional Pop-tart (even though I know Pop-tarts aren’t real food). So, no. I don’t think I’m eating “paleo.”

I’m sure some of you who tend to eat potatoes and green beans and cornbread want to know what it means to eat “paleo.” According to the premier “paleo” advocate it means: the world’s healthiest diet – based upon eating wholesome, contemporary foods from the food groups that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have thrived on during the Paleolithic era, or Stone Age. So, that means no Pop-tarts or Ritz crackers, people. Berries and dinosaur meat for everyone.

Another frequent question: “Are you eating Mediterranean?” Am I eating the entire Mediterranean area of the world? Sadly, some days it feels like it. But gosh, I hope not. If you’re asking if I love olive oil, I do. Chicken fried in olive oil sounds great. But I don’t think that’s what most people mean by a Mediterranean diet.

One friend asked if I had read that book about what Jesus ate. I didn’t. I know what Jesus ate. Jesus ate fish and figs and olives. Jesus ate fish and figs and olives because that’s what the people in that region ate. If Jesus had lived in Georgia, he would have eaten grits. Jesus didn’t make such a big deal about his food and maybe we shouldn’t either.

I know. Some people (myself included) really do feel better when we eat more whole foods. I’m for it. Fruit, veggies, and meat are the staples of a good diet. It’s probably wise to avoid items that have a shelf life of over 20 years. But in the midst of all our “good” eating, we need to remember the vast number of people all over the world who are just trying to find something to eat.

So skip buying that dinosaur meat online, friend. Join me in a less complicated method. Eat a little less. Think of others a little more.

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  1. jeanae jensen
    Sep 17, 2014 @ 09:18:12

    My pastor Randy Frazee said Sunday that since there will not be meat in heaven, we should eat as much as we can here on earth. Of course he was joking.


  2. Daryl Byford
    Oct 01, 2014 @ 22:59:45

    I loved the “Eating Dinosaurs” column. I am a Dietitian and I agree with every word. Ilove your writing style and never miss you articles in the newspaper.


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